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  1. FOIA - Freedom of Information Act
  2. In all, 79 animals were sacrificed for the ceremony
  3. Is the president of the United States a "moron"?
  4. TELECOM Digest Sun, 3 Nov 2002 14:44:00 EST Volume 22 : Issue 110
  5. one nation under allah... marching toward 1984...
  7. one nation under allah... marching toward
  8. You Are a Suspect - Homeland Security Act
  9. Homeland Security Watch
  11. You Are a Suspect - Homeland Security
  12. Computer Break-Ins: Your Right to Know
  13. Scripture T-shirt`
  14. Boom box noise woes may grow Carmakers adding powerful stereos z
  15. Young male drivers targeted Car stereos becoming louder and more powerful
  16. Iranians may spare professor Death sentence brought protests
  17. Nude boy's photo pops up in businessman's slide show (a priests)
  18. Ala. judge defies U.S. court order Refuses to move religious artwork
  19. Hindus gather for ceremony to 'purify' Bali bombing site
  20. Landover Baptist Church - lots of humor - some christians think its a real chruch with a sick pastor
  21. Appeals court upholds La.'s 197-year-old law against oral, anal sex
  22. Cities cracking down on neighborhood blight Codes get stricter don't mow your lawn the government will seize your home and jail you
  23. Is your kid a nose-bleeder?
  24. Porn taped at Indiana University 'Shane's World' angers officials
  25. Ten Commandments monument, parkland sale sought in Md. Would end fight about memorial
  26. Islamic official calls for writer's death Miss World article set off Nigeria riots
  27. TELECOM Digest
  28. I Need Provocation Now
  29. What We Can Learn from World War II
  30. The Embarrassment and Illegality of the No-Fly Zones
  31. check out this cartoon
  32. By Choice or by Chance: How the Internet Is Used
  33. what Do Auth Centers Do? was Re: Debit vs. Credit cards
  34. Secret U.S. Court OKs Electronic Spying
  36. High Court to Hear Miranda Challenge`
  37. Bush Signs Homeland Security Bill The Police State is officially here
  38. Cool Photos
  39. AZTEC logo
  40. Diocese hopes software will speed annulments But it still takes the morons a year
  41. Iranian prof's sentence of death is appealed
  42. Justices to hear challenge to Texas' gay sodomy ban
  43. O'Brien accused of covering up sex-abuse case
  44. Baptist preacher defies Mormons on their turf
  45. 'Beating of wicked' is good business in Hong Kong
  46. CIA can kill citizens who aid al-Qaida
  47. CIA can kill citizens who aid al-Qaida
  48. Officer says O'Brien hid abuse by priest when lawman was boy
  49. Officer suspended; refused to jail homeless NYC man
  50. Calls from Maricopa County jail taped illegally
  51. Mexico fights new battle: Corralling 'narco-ballads'
  52. go to Somalia for your fake passport and fake Id needs
  53. Phoenix Police shake down people for insuranse money after violating their civil rights
  54. cash for copwatch - make money online
  55. hanging anti-police display on tempe butte
  56. Arming the troops in the sky
  57. Cheerfully, peacefully ... withhold cooperation
  58. Bible stories given gay perspective
  59. India's widows face harsh loneliness
  60. My name is John Edgar Hoover, SS# 577-60-1114, DOB 1/1/1895. I started the Police state
  62. You're certain to make a big impression if you give them a Scripture T-shirt :)
  63. Persons exempt from Militia duty in Az
  64. Persons exempt from Militia duty in Az
  65. High Court to Hear Miranda Challenge
  66. a simpler solution to photo radar
  67. Say, Father, what causes arthritis?
  68. Bell Canada Phone Bills Reveal Government Bugging
  69. your website was very unnerving and insulting.....
  70. [AtheistMedia] new ad campaign reflects GAMOW backlash
  71. EARTHWARD could help improve the public image of atheists
  72. Campus Inquirer - November 2002
  73. Council for Secular Humanism e-newsletter for Nov.15, 2002
  74. Darrell Lambert, Eagle Scout, Atheist
  75. David Dorn
  76. Judge overturns rule limiting Social Security numbers for foreigners
  77. Arizona Representative Maiorana says "GO FUCK YOURSELF" (well at least he is honest with people)
  78. David Hardy's Book on Second Amendment
  79. How do people feel about evangelicals
  80. photos
  81. hits on sites
  82. Phoenix Police shake down people after violating their rights
  83. putz again
  84. What Google says about you - assholes like dorn and putz should check this
  85. Please call me if you wish to discuss my "suspicions" and observations from a number of years ago.
  86. FEAR: Wrongly seized $1M going back to Fleet customers
  87. Homeland Security Jokes
  88. free bus passes
  89. anti-government gifs
  90. Romley hints at deal if O'Brien steps down
  91. Santa flap a close call for teacher
  93. Online assists with reuniting and helps locating people
  94. Policeman faces trial in Arizona bigamy case
  95. Differing Mormon scholars continue to be kicked out
  96. Mormons agree not to baptize dead Jews (like it really matters)
  97. Bush takes financial leap of faith Churches eligible for federal funds
  98. More on messy yard bullshit!!!!
  99. Teacher asks court to toss child-porn case
  100. Suit seeks cleanup of West Valley blight (more messy yard cops)
  101. Boston's archbishop apologizes, resigns
  102. Female lawmakers urge Iran to end stoning for adultery
  103. dentist that will take payments!!!!
  104. 100 attacks foiled, FBI says - yea SURE!!!!!
  105. storm drains are for rain its amazing what morons in government do
  106. how to view the header information in your e-mail and find out who really sent it
  107. 'Material witnesses' often held months without testifying
  108. How to get IE (internet explorer) to tell you about where it stores its files (thanks to grey ******)
  109. our tax dollars being wasted
  110. contracts
  111. dentist that will take payments!!!!
  112. First Amendment 0 - Government 1
  113. First Amendment 0 - Police State 1
  114. Religious Freedom 0 - Government 1
  115. Religious Freedom 0 - Police State 1
  116. Government out to destroy Warren Jeffs
  117. Government out to destroy FLDS Church
  118. Government out to destroy Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
  119. Government out to destroy Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints

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